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Little Seed – Honest Food. Honest Video

After 6 years as Firefly, changes in life and learning formed new passions for restaurateurs Ash and Jess. The result was the birth of a brave new restaurant called 'Little Seed.' With Ash's culinary mastermind behind the lively flavours, and Jess's heartfelt flair for the dining experience, Little Seed projects exciting new life and great potential, not to mention brilliantly tasteful food! So with that transition in mind, Ash & Jess agreed that video was a great medium to utilize in sharing their endeavours with their expanding customer base. It was also a great opportunity to film the new artwork coming together, a defining feature of their venue, essentially marking the transition of the new venture building over the old. With over 11,000+ organic facebook views, I'm proud of the video we made and how it's helping their business grow by using video to show the truth beautifully.


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KC Mechanical – Honest business video

KC Mechanical are a family owned mechanic here in Toowoomba. I had my car serviced here recently and they were truly honest and courteous. Top people. Which made it all the easier to produce this short business video showcasing their story. It helps being a car lover myself, but this is what quality business marketing content is all about, Taking what is authentic and present, then tastefully capturing it on video. Another great reason why AMC believes people are more important than products when it comes to your marketing in Toowoomba.